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Small Business ConcernDescriptionStateComponent [Topic]ProgramAdded
HawaiiAir Force [AF99-036]SBIR1/27/2023
CaliforniaAir Force [MDA03-072], MDA [MDA06-021], Army [A08-040]SBIR11/9/2022
CaliforniaAir Force [OSD06-CR7]SBIR11/8/2022
CaliforniaAir Force [SOCOM05-011]SBIR11/9/2022
CaliforniaAri Force [AF02-T017]STTR1/27/2023
IowaArmy [A00-162]SBIR1/27/2023
PennsylvaniaArmy [A01-196]SBIR1/27/2023
CaliforniaArmy [A02-186]SBIR1/27/2023
MichiganArmy [A02-245]SBIR1/27/2023
ConnecticutArmy [A03-028; A03-238; A06-093]SBIR1/27/2023
VirginiaArmy [A03-034]SBIR11/23/2022
ArizonaArmy [A03-068]SBIR1/27/2023
UtahArmy [A03-070]SBIR1/27/2023
ColoradoArmy [A03-080]SBIR11/23/2022
VirginiaArmy [A03-202]SBIR11/23/2022
MarylandArmy [A04-182]SBIR1/19/2023
FloridaArmy [A04-210]SBIR1/27/2023
MichiganArmy [A04-239; A00-170; A01-222; A03-224]SBIR1/27/2023
FloridaArmy [A05-131]SBIR1/27/2023
MarylandArmy [A06-086]SBIR1/27/2023
WashingtonArmy [A06-208], Navy [N02-139], Air Force [AF95-109], MDA [MDA04-005], OSD [OSD05-D04]SBIR1/27/2023
New HampshireArmy [A06-T031]STTR1/19/2023
WisconsinArmy [A07-040]SBIR1/27/2023
North CarolinaArmy [A07-051]SBIR11/23/2022
North CarolinaArmy [A07-051]SBIR11/23/2022
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